About Us

I’m Gemma, and I love making cakes. I was always so excited about the birthday cakes my Mum would make for me and my brothers and sisters. My great grandmother was a master baker and it has always been part of our family tradition to design and decorate cakes for special occasions. As a busy working Mum, this hobby still gives me a great chance to relax and enjoy doing something creative. And as my two daughters have got involved in the baking it has become a brilliant family activity.

In 2011 my hobby became my business. I formalised my skills, training with Wilton and PME and started selling cakes and cupcakes. But my real passion is still being elbow deep in buttercream, laughing along with old and new friends as we create something special in the kitchen.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere at our courses, rest assured that the kitchen is a registered food preparation area, we have all our full food hygiene certificates and the courses are professionally designed and run. We use the latest equipment, provide all the tools you need and take our responsibilities around ingredient sourcing and allergies very seriously.

Decorating cupcakes is a brilliant hobby, they are perfect for parties, Sunday night treats, presents and party favours, celebrations and special thank-yous.

I’d love you to come on a course so you can have the pleasure of decorating them yourself, but if you just need some cake in your life right now, you can order cupcakes and celebration cakes from me too.